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Feel at Home

The store front of Paws and Purrrls pet grooming in Airdrie, Alberta.

Here at Paws and Purrrls we treat everyone and every animal with the utmost respect. We make sure to maintain strong company values and ethics, which we work hard to showcase with every single client and their furry family members. We have more than 20 years of experience with pet grooming and caring for both dogs and cats. This is more than a job to us at Paws and Purrrls. This company and our clients are our passion, and we take it as seriously as we would if it were our own pets. We want you to feel at home as soon as you walk into our doors, because to us, you're already a part of the family. If you feel that there are changes you'd like to see implemented in our business, we welcome your feedback on the services we provide.  



Mandy has had a long and fulfilling career working with animals. She was the volunteer 4-H canine leader for 4 years, helping kids work with their dogs. She would teach them how to handle their pets, as well as teach them how to groom them with brushing techniques and toe nail trims. Mandy has a deep respect for what it takes to have a furry family member and understands the love and responsibility that it encompasses. She did her grooming apprenticeship in Ontario for 2 years, starting with bathing and brushing, and intensely watching every grooming technique her tutor taught her. Over the years Mandy has worked at various grooming salons, adding to her portfolio. She started her own home business 11 years ago, which has now flowed into opening her own spa with her partner Megan. Mandy has been grooming for over 14 years, and prior to that was a hair stylist. She has rescued many pets, both cats and dogs, and incorporated them into her family. Her favorite breed is a lab, but especially black lab crosses.



Megan grew up with animals and has always had a passion for animal welfare. She started fostering dogs and cats at 18 years old and continues to foster to this day. Her favorite breed is border collies. Megan started grooming 6 years ago and her favorite breeds to groom include standard poodles and double coated breeds. She worked at a vet clinic for 3 years, gaining a lot first-hand knowledge in animal health and welfare. At home, Megan has several furry family members, including two dogs and a cat.